Founded in the late 1880’s, the tropical paradise of Old Naples boasts a multitude of opportunities for its residents and visitors. Miles of picturesque white sand beaches line the Naples coast. Luxurious neighborhoods share a wealth of history that has shaped the area. And the downtown provides an exciting blend of dining, shopping and entertainment. Old Naples has pleasant weather all year round, enabling an active lifestyle for the residents and visitors who enjoy outdoor recreation and water activities such as tennis or golf. 

One of Florida’s most popular and recognizable vacation destinations are the miles of beaches surrounding Old Naples. These breathtaking beaches possess a unique charm drawing in visitors and residents year round. One of the highly desirable features is the soft white sand, pairing with the calm and clean water. This creates an atmosphere of tranquility, perfect for escaping the hustle of daily life. The cool, calming water is an invitation for various water-based activities. Paddleboarding, jet skiing, kayaking and fishing are just a few you can catch residents and visitors participating in year round. Old Naples is also ideal for those who love collecting shells or winding down with a bold evening sunset. Oh, the sunsets!

Amid the well-established and sought after beaches of Old Naples, exists the ‘heart and soul’ of Naples, Fifth Avenue South. Since the 1920’s, Fifth Avenue has been Naples mainstreet destination and as a present day favored destination still, residents and visitors alike, visit Fifth Avenue for its historical architecture, luxury shopping opportunities, and the wide array of fine dining. The large majority of businesses lining Fifth Avenue South are locally-owned providing a highly-custom one-of-a-kind experience. Here on Fifth Avenue you can find anything from bathing suits to small gifts and fine dining restaurants with a variety of culinary styles. Along with dining and shopping there are many sources of entertainment, too!

Beyond the shore, Old Naples is desired for having some of the most beautiful living in all of Naples. The charm of Old Naples is an allure to some well-known celebrities, such as; Judge Judy, Larry Bird and Donna Summer, to name a few—Owning a home and visiting Naples regularly. From luxury and ultra-luxury homes, walkable streets, the appeal of the Gulf on one side and Naples Bay for boating on the other, as well as such charm are among the top few reasons why so many residents have chosen Naples as their getaway and home away from home. 

The lifestyle here extends beyond its climate, beaches and local businesses too. Old Naples contributes to a year-round lifestyle promoting  physical and mental well-being. Exploring the area provides a unique sense of community, connections and emphasizes a support to local artists, shop owners, and owners of restaurants. Overall Naples offers a blend of tranquility and sophistication resonating with individuals seeking an enriched lifestyle. Residents can enjoy the peace of their surroundings while embracing the indulgent lifestyles Naples provides.

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